Countertop Water Flosser

Shenzhen Yabeikang technology CO.,Ltd is a design and production manufacturer in China. Our main products include electric toothbrushes and countertop water flosser. We are not only committed to producing high-quality products, but also focus on fulfilling social responsibilities and creating a sustainable future. Using environmentally friendly materials and implementing sustainable production ensure that our factories have minimal impact on the environment. We value the safety and well-being of our employees, provide a good working environment, training opportunities, and are committed to building a vibrant corporate culture.

Fashion Countertop Water Flosser, also known as a water irrigator or oral irrigator, is a dental care device designed to complement traditional brushing and flossing by providing a targeted and effective way to clean between teeth and along the gumline. Unlike traditional dental floss, which is a manual tool, a Countertop Water Flosser uses a pulsating or steady stream of water to remove debris, plaque, and bacteria from the mouth. Countertop Water Flossers usually come with different tips or nozzles that can be attached to the device. These may include rotating tips, specialized gum massage tips, or orthodontic tips designed for individuals with braces.

Our factory has rich foreign trade experience. Our products are sold to the United States, Europe,Russia, Canada and other countries, and we have customers all over the world. Especially, our products can be seen on Amazon, wildberries, eBay and other platforms.

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Yabeikang is one of the professional Countertop Water Flosser manufacturers and suppliers in China, known for our excellent service. We have items in stock, and discounts can be discussed. Moreover, we own our factory and provide free samples. If you are interested in our high quality and fashionable Countertop Water Flosser, please contact us. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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